Shark, Porbeagle

by David Proudfoot

Lamna nasus

species ID porbeagle shark

Photo courtesy of Kevin Crowley SAI

Distinguishing features

The porbeagle shark is a round bodied, chunky member of the shark family. It has five gills and comparatively large front dorsal fin. The small second dorsal fin is situated immediately above the similar anal fin. The back and upper sides are grayish blue which fades into cream on the underside. The dorsal fins have a lighter rear edge.


The porbeagle can reach lengths of around 3 metres and a weight in excess of 230 kg.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record: 40lb / 18.143kg Qualifying weight
UK Boat Record: 507lb 0oz 0dms / 229.975kg

European Line Class Record for this species

Download a length / weight relationship chart for this species


The porbeagle can be found throughout the north Atlantic. It is a pelagic species and will travel extensively hunting. Although it is an oceanic shark it can be found close to shore. The larger fish tend to frequent the northern end of its range.


Squid form a major part of this shark’s diet as do fish especially mackerel, cod and coalfish.


Whole fish baits are preferred for the porbeagle either live or dead.

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