Shark, Blue

by David Proudfoot

Prionace glauca

species ID blue shark

Photo taken aboard Luke Aston’s boat Clare Dragoon with thanks to John SAI

Distinguishing features

The blue shark is a long, slender member of the shark family with long, curving pectoral fins. The upper lobe of the tail fin is also long. It has no spiracle and five gill slits. The back and upper sides are dark blue, fading into a lighter blue on the lower sides and white on the belly.


This shark can grow to lengths of around 3.8 metres in Northern European waters and can weigh up to 160 kg.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record: 40lb / 18.143kg Qualifying weight
UK Boat Record: 218lb 0oz 0dms / 98.878kg

European Line Class Record for this species


The blue shark is ocean going and is found in warm and temperate waters throughout the world. It is a seasonal migratory fish in northern waters and rarely comes close to shore. It tends to live in the surface areas. The majority of these northern sharks are female.


Mackerel are the most effective bait for the blue shark, either live or as a flapper. They respond well to the scent trail from rubby dubby.

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