Wrasse, Goldsinny

by David Proudfoot

Ctentolabrus rupestris

species ID goldsinny wrasse

Other Names

Salmon wrasse

Distinguishing features

The goldsinny has a fairly slender body with an angled head with a comparatively large mouth. The anal fin has 3 to 4 rays with spines at the anterior and 7 to 8 softer ones to the posterior. Its colour tends to be reddish or orangey brown with a dark spot towards the front of the dorsal fin and on the upper surface of the root of tail fin.


The maximum size for the goldsinny is around 18cm.

British Record Fish List

UK Mini Record: 110gms

The goldsinny wrasse can to be found around the Atlantic coast of Europe and throughout the Mediterranean waters. It is commonly found near to rocks and reefs with algae growths from around 10 metres to depths of 50 metres. It may also be found close inshore in rock pools and in beds of eel grass. It is known to act as a cleaner fish for other species.


Like most wrasse the goldsinny feeds heavily on small crustaceans and other benthic invertebrates.


Small worm baits are effective for this wrasse although they are normally taken when targeting other species.

species ID goldsinny wrasse

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