Bream, Rays

by David Proudfoot

Brama brama

species ID rays bream

Thanks to Derryck Greenwood for permission to use the excellent photo.

Distinguishing features

Has the typical narrow, deep bodied bream shape with a snub nose and downward angled mouth. The dorsal and anal fins cover the rear half of the body and are low for most of the length only rising outwards as they reach their leading edges. It has long tail and pectoral fins and there are upwards of sixty scales along the lateral line. The back is a browny green with silver sides and belly. The pectoral fins have a yellowish tinge.


The Ray’s bream can weigh over 3 kg and reach lengths of over 65 cm.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record:
UK Boat Record:

European Line Class Record for this species


Ray’s bream is a pelagic species which inhabits the western Atlantic waters, the North Sea and down to the central mid-Atlantic. Although normally found in deep water areas it is occasionally found stranded on North Sea shorelines in the cold winters during its southern migration.


This species feeds mainly on small fish and crustaceans.


Although rarely caught by anglers worm and fish baits will occasionally take this species.

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