Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels

by David Proudfoot

Whether the tackle is a top of the range rod or reel or a simple piece of terminal tackle Planet Sea Fishing will always bring you in depth reviews. Here we look at the new Premium Pulley Swivels from Gemini.

Until recently ordinary swivels were used to make up pulley rigs, which led to the trace line being damaged due to the friction of the line passing back and forth over the wire of the swivel eye. Tackle design has, however progressed and several pulley beads are now available which help reduced line damage. The latest of these is the Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel.

The friction damage caused to the line may result in the loss of a good fish or worse a catastrophic failure during the cast. The majority of the pulley beads available on the market are oval in shape with an internal tube bore to carry the line. This results in two ends from which the line emerges at an acute angle with pressure on the ends during the cast and retrieve.

Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels

The Gemini pulley swivels reduce these pressure points by forming a hoop rather than an oval or round bead shape. In cross section the pulley swivels have an internal radius, like a traditional wire swivel but the plastic material provides a much bigger diameter with consequent reduction in friction damage as the line can run smoothly through the Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel.

Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels rigged

The swivels are small and neat to reduce the risk of tangles but still provide for safe casting. The Gemini website indicates that they have tested the pulley swivels to 80lb. I could not replicate this but using 100lb BS nylon loops I did apply 25kg of pressure to them with no evidence of any damage to either the swivel or the plastic “bead” part of the Gemini pulley swivel so casting should not present any safety risks.

The plastic hoop is 10mm in diameter and 6mm thick, the chamfered edges to the central hole allow a 5mm bead to neatly locate and streamline the built rig.

Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels

All in all, the Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel is an extremely useful addition to the rig builder’s armoury and at £1.60 for a pack of five they won’t break the bank.

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