XTRATUF Insulated Elite Legacy Boots Review

by David Proudfoot

Like a lot of people I have struggled over the years to find warm, comfortable footwear that is also waterproof for rock, beach and boat sea angling trips. The Xtratuf wellington boots, with a proven Alaskan history, may just have solved the problem of my cold feet.

Normally I would not review a product until I have made use of it for at least six months. However, since I purchased the Xtratuf boots back in December last year they have been in almost daily use for both fishing and photography outings.

Well Insulated Inners

I went for the XTRATUF 15″ Insulated Elite Legacy Boots which have a neoprene upper calf both for comfort when walking and for a flexible fit around my calves. The inners are fully lined with neoprene, which is covered with stretchy Spandura, and a comfortable insole that is well padded without being spongey. Both of these ensure that my feet are comfortable even with temperatures below zero.

Xtratuff 15" Insulated Elite Legacy Boots

Xtratuff 15″ Insulated Elite Legacy Boots

During a recent photography outing during the night temperatures dropped to -12oC and with thermal socks on my feet stayed warm despite standing around my camera for a couple of hours.

Fully Waterproof Xtratuf

The lower half of the boots are manufactured from a propriety Honeywell RDR rubber material which is fully waterproof and chemical resistant. The Xtratuf boots are flexible and despite looking bulky each boot only weighs 1.2kg, around two pounds.

The neoprene uppers mean that the boots are easy to pull on and are flexible to fit over heavy duty waterproof trousers and slip under bib and brace waterproof.

Xtratuf Boots Neoprene Uppers

Xtratuf Boots Neoprene Uppers

While I am not sure that I would wear these boots for 10 mile walks I have used them regularly on walks over snow, moorland and sand with no problems, either from blistering or overheated, sweaty feet.

The boots are great for comfortable winter bait digging.

Safe Treads

The pattern on the thick soles makes for secure footing on snow and light ice. I do however use my Yaktrax on the soles if fishing from wet, algae covered rocks.

Xtratuf Boots Treads On Sole

Xtratuf Boots Treads On Sole

One thing to watch with the treads is that small stones can get trapped between the material. These stones would scratch tiled or laminate flooring indoors and would not be popular on a boat where they could damage the decking. Any trapped stones are easy to remove with a flat blade screwdriver.


I went for the 15 inch version of the boots which come up to approximately four inches below my knee. I find this high enough for occasional shallow wading and any snow that I am likely to encounter.

Xtratuf Boots Tread Pattern in Snow

Xtratuf Boots Tread Pattern in Snow

I wear a size 10 shoe and have found that the same size in the boots allows a comfortable fit with thick thermal socks.

Where To Buy

The Xtratuf boots and others from their footware range are available from a number of online retailers but the best price I found is at In-Excess where I paid £75 for mine including VAT and shipping.

Xtratuf Boots Fitted With Yaktrax

Xtratuf Boots Fitted With Yaktrax

Although this is not a long term review my impression of these boots is that they will provide long time service and offer great value for money, which my feet will appreciate.

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