Tronixpro Lead Bag Reviewed

by David Proudfoot

Tronixpro have recently released an upgraded range of their sea angling luggage and this includes the purpose designed lead bag.

Although it has been named a bag the container is box shaped and with the hard plastic base and semi-rigid sides and top the weight container maintains its shape when the Tronixpro lead bag is carried in a tackle box or rucksack.

Construction Materials

The exterior is covered in a robust, wipe clean nylon material on the lid which allows errant pieces of bait and sand particles to be easily removed after a fishing session. The other sides are finished with a close weave black material.

Tronixpro lead bag top

Access to the inside is via a double nylon zip which runs around three sides of the bag to provide easy adding or removal of the lead weights. I have had no problem with salt build up on the zips although I don regularly wash the bag / box down after a session where the container has been left out of the main box.

Tronixpro lead bag zip

The double stitched handle on the top makes it simple to lift the bag from the depths of a tackle box or rucksack.

Safe Storage

I have been using the Tronixpro lead bag for most of the year, since lockdown was lifted, and have yet to find any downsides. It saves lose lead weights rattling about in the tackle box and prevents rogue breakaway wires from piercing fingers while groping in the depths of the main tackle box or rucksack.

Decent Capacity

Measuring approximately 31cm long by 12.5xm wide the Tronixpro lead bag comfortably fits inside any of the main tackle manufacturers day boxes. With an internal depth of approximate 7cm the bag stores Breakaway or Namix style long tailed grip leads in the locked position without any risk of puncturing the internally padded lid or solid base.

Tronixpro lead bag inside

The lead bag will comfortably hold sufficient lead weights for a beach or rock trip for the average angler.

I also find the lead bag handy to carry my LRF gear when out for a short session.


The Tronixpro Lead Bag is reasonably priced at around £9.99 and can be found in tackle shops and on-line angling stores but stocks at present may be limited due to Covid-19 problems.

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