Tronixpro Blackout Memory Free Hooklength Reviewed

by David Proudfoot

Tronixpro have recently marketed range of new monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon lines. Among these is the Blackout monofilament designed for hooklengths or snoods.

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Blackout comes in a basic plastic blister pack with a cardboard back plate and is spooled in generous lengths of 200 metres.

The range covers breaking strains from 10lb to 58lb with line diameters from 0.22mm at the lower breaking strains to 0.6mm at the higher end.

Tronixpro Blackout Line

I have been looking for an Amnesia replacement for a while now as its diameter seems to increase year on year. As a comparison the diameter of the 33lb Blackout hooklength that I tested is 0.45mm compared to the 0.60mm of the 30lb Amnesia.

Memory Free

Tronixpro Blackout is billed as a memory free snood line and tests appear to show that this is accurate. The video shows the line being twisted then smoothed back into shape using a pull through action.

While supple, this coated line seems to have a decent resistance to abrasion although I have only used it on sandy beaches so far.

Knots Well

A combination of the pliability of the Blackout memory free hooklength line and the external coating ensures that it produces excellent, neat knots.

Tronixpro Blackout Line knot

Priced between £4.99 and £7.49 for a 200 metre spool, Blackout represents great value for money as well as being a quality rig building line. As well as snoods for shore and boat rigs it is excellent for long traces on bass or pollack rigs.

Tronixpro Blackout Line knot closeup

It is, or shortly will be available in most Tronixpro suppliers and Chesil Bait ‘N’ Tackle have most of the range in stock.

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