Tronixpro Blaze Fixed Spool line and Xenon Tapered Shock Leader Reviewed

by John Popplewell

Tronixpro time and time again come up with the latest angling innovations and now their Tronixpro Blaze fixed spool line and Xenon tapered shock leaders are at the sea angling forefront.

Their latest technology of mixing polymers into various thickness and colours and finding low diameters lines with breaking strains that almost defy all reasoning, so I was quite happy to receive their Tronixpro Blaze fixed spool Line for review.

Blaze spool

The Tronixpro Blaze fixed spool line comes on 300 mm spools available in three colours, 0-3mm-15.3lb, 0.33mm 17.7lb and 0.36mm-21.7lb.

Blaze Fixed Spool Line

I opted for the Blaze 17.70lb which suits my style of fishing on the Essex coast where I am fishing over fairly clean beaches but there are snags that I do need to pull through every now and then, plus a chance of a very heavy fish to land!

The Tronixpro Blaze fixed spool line is low stretch which is great for continental fishing and with its silicone coating has to be less friction through the guides when casting.

Blaze main line on reel

Yes it ticks all the boxes! I gave this line a good thrashing for a few weeks fishing in wafts of Essex weed and tussling with some large bass.

How did it fair? Well, pretty damn good! With some fishing lines, no matter how much you pay for them every now and then there is a tendency for line twist and the odd knot when casting, no problem with this line. It smoothly peeled off the reel and through the guides on the cast every time.

Knots Well

The silicone coating makes for a very tight small knot with great strength when attaching the leader line, because we all know that if the main line is going to break under pressure it will go at the leader knot.

The memory free line stops all those wrinkles when tying knots and keeps it in top condition for that bit longer.

Blaze leader knot

The nitty gritty side of things which always tends to be very technical but us anglers always want to know those all-important stats.

Silicone Coating

review product supplied stickerThe silicone coating sees that sea water fly off the line which can only make for less friction through the rod rings.

Hardly any stretch in this line, those bites are emphasised through the rod tip, making for a more exciting fishing experience.

The Tronxpro Blaze Fixed spool mainline retails and a very reasonably priced £5.99 for 300m which compares very favourably with most of the top class lines.

Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Shock Leader

The Tronixpro Xenon Tapered shock leader comes in two breaking strains, 15lb to 50lb (0.35mm to 60mm) and 15lb to 60lb (0.35mm to0.70mm)

I opted for the 0.35-70mm(15-60lb) which suits my style of casting and fishing, “whack em hard” and take no prisoners!

Blaze main line and Xenon leaders

The Xenon leader comes in 5x 15m lengths, I tend to cut the first couple of foot off of any tapered leader, simply because it makes sense to tie to a slightly thicker leader on to a lower diameter main line making for stronger overall knot strength. Ensure that you wet the knot before tightening as normal.

Neat And Tidy

What I did find was the ease of tying a very small neat leader knot that flew through the continental rod rings without a sound and that doesn’t happen to often!

Once again the Xenon leaders are made from advanced copolymer which makes for a strong but supple leader and using them on my South East coast sandy beaches where in rough conditions abrasion on leaders can be a problem I found very minimal damage.

Blaze leader knot

The actual leader knot was neat and tight making for less friction through the rings when casting and with those tiny eyes of my continental rods makes it that much more important for comfortable fishing.

Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders (5x15m) retail at £5.99

Summing up the Tronixpro Blaze fixed spool line matched with the Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Shock Leader work extremely well together and will be top on my list for Essex beach fishing.

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