Norfolk Angling Club Kelling June 2019

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club Logo16 anglers booked in for tonight’s match at Kelling where pegging was left and right of the gate. As always with Kelling if you are on the right peg you will catch and someone next to you may blank or struggle. It’s really just the lay of the land and where the fish congregate, but that’s the luck of the draw.

Either way the evening was beautiful with light winds and gentle roll on the sea and a fantastic sunset so the fish really were not that important for some.

Top rod on the evening was Roger Cunnington carding 15 fish for 4lb 11/3oz. Second place went to Russell Taylor with seven fish for 3lb 121/3oz and final podium spot went to Ian Childerhouse with 14 fish for 2lb 14oz.

95 fish were carded between us and no one blanked.

NAC results Kelling

Last match of the season is the club open at Sutton Bridge with the fishing from 12 noon til 5pm

Full results

  1. Roger Cunnington 30pts
  2. Russell Taylor 29pts
  3. Ian Childerhouse 27pts
  4. Simon Bottomley 26pts
  5. Barry Iseton 25pts
  6. Leon Smith 24pts
  7. Alan Sexton 23pts
  8. John Harvey 22pts
  9. Chick Roper 21pts
  10. Ian Wells 20pts
  11. John Catchpole 19pts
  12. Dene Conway 18pts
  13. Alan Tew 18pts
  14. Eamon Eamon R Finch 16pts
  15. Steve Lawson 15pts
  16. Martin Wheeldon 14pts
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