Tronixpro Boom Rig Wallet Reviewed

by David Proudfoot

review product supplied stickerCarrying rigs which utilise booms has long been a pain for both shore and boat anglers. They required either large cumbersome zip lock bags which littered the tackle boxes or booms bent to fit basic rig wallets. Fortunately, sea anglers now have a storage solution in the form of the slim, compact Tronixpro boom rig wallet.

The wallet is manufactured, like most Tronixpro luggage, from robust, water-resistant nylon which wipes clean after an outing. While not fully waterproof the cover will keep splashes and bits of bait away from the internal pockets.

tronixpro boom rig wallet

The opening edges are secured with Velcro and a couple of tabs on the long edges ensure that the Tronixpro boom rig wallet is easy to open.

Storage Pockets

One side of the wallet is emblazoned with the Tronixpro logo while the other has two, Velcro secured, pockets to hold tackle bits and pieces. The pockets are not massive but will hold a spare spool of snood line or a small box with hooks and terminal tackle.

tronixpro boom rig wallet pockets

Internally, the Tronixpro boom rig wallet has two sets of eight replaceable, long ziplock bags to hold the rigs with booms. The heavy duty bags have an internal measurement of 32cm x 12cm and will comfortably hold booms of 30cm length. The bags will also accommodate collapsed spreader booms with snoods.

Tronixpro Boom Rig Wallet Dimensions

The closed wallet measures approximately 45cm x 19cm and fits comfortably in the standard Shakespeare style tackle box. It may have to sit at an angle in smaller boxes such as the Betabox.

tronixpro boom rig wallet opened

I have used this rig wallet for three boom paternoster rigs and also for carrying boat rigs such as long boom gilling rigs or shad hopping traces. The wallet keeps the rigs tidy and saves clutter in the tackle box.

tronixpro boom rig wallet tabs

The boom rig wallet is available at most Tronix tackle stockists both bricks and mortar and on-line at £24.99.

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