Nylon Flatfish Spreader Boom

by David Proudfoot

When fishing for flatfish it is imperative to fish with baits hard on the seabed. This simple nylon spreader boom ensures that two baits are presented on the bottom when fishing at close range.

This spreader boom is lighter than the metal booms available but does require more storage space in the tackle box.

I did try gluing the booms in place but the boom plastic became brittle and snapped a the tee.

Materials Required

spreader boom breakaway swivel tees

  • Nylon Matchstick Booms
  • Three Swivels
  • A bead
  • A Lead Clip
  • Shrink Tube or Silicone Sleeve
  • A short length of line

Tools For Spreader Boom

  • A thin bladed knife
  • A heat source i.e. cigarette lighter
  • A pair of small pliers
  • 2mm drill bit and drill

spreader boom fishing

Constructing the Double Spreader

Step 1

If using the 1.8mm UK Hooks red matchstick booms carefully widen the two holes at the top of the Beakaway Swivel Tee body. The thinner white booms may fit without adaption but I prefer the extra length and diameter of the red booms.

Step 2

Insert one of the booms into the previously drilled holes. Heat the thin bladed knife and carefully blob the end of the boom in the gap of the swivel tee body.

Minimal heat is required to flare the end of the boom but care needs to be taken not to melt the swivel tee.

Repeat for the second arm of the boom.

Step 3

The snood end of the boom can be finished with a heat blob to which the snood is attached using a six turn Uni knot.

spreader boom uni knot snood

However I find that I get fewer tangles if I slip on shrink tube or silicone sleeving before bending the last 15mm back on itself and slipping on a swivel. The end is secured in place with the tubing or sleeve.

spreader boom snnod swivel

Step 4

While it is possible to force the swivel back through the original tee opening I find it less of a struggle just to thread a length of line through the middle of the tee and attach a swivel to one end and a lead link to the other.

spreader boom swivel and link

This simple spreader boom has produced many double shots of flounders and dabs when long distance casting is not required.

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