Effective Inexpensive Weigh Sling

by David Proudfoot

With the bass ban looking like a regular annual feature and more sea anglers practicing catch and release on a customary basis there is an increasing requirement for a protective weigh sling.

While you could splash out between £20 and £50 for a weigh sling designed for coarse fishing and much less expensive alternative is available, the Ikea Fracta tote bag.

Ikea weigh sling bag folded with scales

The undeniably recognisable blue bag is easily washable after use and protects the fish when weighing as they do not need to be hung from the hook on the scales. The bag provides support when weighing the small shark species such as smoothhounds and spurs whose internal organs can be damaged if held unsupported. Measuring 55 x 35 cm, when opened, the weigh sling bag won’t cope with 50lb fish but high doubles should not be a problem. The bag handles are robust, I have used these bags to carry lead for weight production, and will support the weight of any fish that is can contain. A bit of DIY with a sharp knife and hemming the edges can produce a sling that will cope with the larger fish.

Cost Effective

No reason why match organisers should not use the bag when weighing a specimen fish. In addition it can provide protection for your car by using it to store fishy, wet, waterproof clothing on the journey home. The compact design when folded means they can readily slot into a tackle box. The bag is also handy for protecting camera gear etc from sand on the beaches.

The iconic Ikea bag is available from the named stores for 40p and if you are not near to one of the Ikea outlets a quick search on ebay or Amazon will show them for around 99p each.

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