Flambeau Reel Bag

by David Proudfoot

Storing reels carefully makes sense, but like many anglers Davy Proudfoot confesses a long-time bad habit of dumping kit in corners until the next time it’s needed. But, he’s changing his ways, and the purchase of two Flambeau 4022ST reels bags is the first step in a more careful direction.

Accuse me of neglecting my reels and I’d have to stick both hands in the air and plead guilty. I am a reforming character however, and a recent tackle acquisition from Flambeau might go some way towards proving this. I have never bothered wrapping my reels in cotton wool, or been someone who thinks it’s the end of the world if a reel gets scratched or dented. But with several of my expensive shore and boat reels now resembling battered stock cars, guilt and inflation have prompted me to turn over a new leaf.


For years my reels have been unceremoniously dumped in a plastic box to collect scratches and scrapes in the bottom of the tackle cupboard. It was never ideal storage, and as my reel collection has grown, the more hassle it’s become to dig through and find what I’m looking for. What I needed was a means to separate and protect reels from avoidable superficial damage caused by regular rummaging. I also wanted something that allowed me to quickly spot and grab exactly the reel/reels needed for particular outings, as well as perhaps a padded carrier for easy transportation of multiple reels to venues. I looked at a number of different options, some of which were much more expensive than others, but after careful consideration I plumped for the smart-looking Flambeau 4022ST reel bag.

Smart, Spaceous, Padded and Waterproof

Spaceously designed and generously padded in the places that matter, this well made Flambeau bag compares favourably with other similar products. Constructed from a waterproof, heavy duty tarpaulin material, it sports meaty, heavy-duty zips to cope with hard treatment. The base has a skid-resistant plastic finish so the bag can be taken out into the field without any worries.The interior liner includes Flambeau’s Zerust®, a patented polymer which according to the manufacturer: “emits a harmless vapour, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces”. Given that corrosion and ugly surface pitting are major problems with today’s alloy reels, this can only be an added bonus. Interestingly, Flambeau applies this patented treatment to a number of products across their range.


The bag is designed to hold nine multiplier reels of around the size of an ABU 7000 or Daiwa Saltist 30, but the larger handles on a number of the current models may limit the storage capacity to less, particularly if fixed spool reels are thrown into the mix. The moveable internal dividers are held in place with Velcro, making it easy to shift them around to accommodate all sizes of reels. There are two compartments on the front of the bag for storing spools of line, and these will comfortably each swallow a 300 metre spool. There are also pockets on either end of the bag suitable for storing reel accessories and maintenance bits and pieces. A large flat pocket on the front and two internal mesh pockets complete the storage provision.


Flambeau’s 4022ST bag is ideal for home storage of reels as well as providing a safe and protective carry-bag for the travelling angler. These 4022ST bags are excellent for tournament casters who want to ensure that essential kit and tools of the trade are well protected on the road. Flambeau are in the process of updating all of their tackle storage range, so it is a good idea to grab one of these excellent reel bags while you still can. I’ve just purchased a second bag for camera equipment, which was a bargain at £16.25, including postage. Available while stocks last.

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