TKR Fishing Ruler

by David Proudfoot

Rarely does a small piece of tackle merit a full review in its own right but the quality of the TKR Fishing Rulers makes them an exception.

TKR Fishing Ruler both sizesManufactured from hardened engraving laminate and vinyl this match and pleasure angler’s measure is a stand out in its field. Having used various rulers in the past, both DIY style and those targeted at the angler, I’m well aware of how much abuse they can be subjected to, particularly on the beach where they can be sandblasted. The materials used when making the TKR rulers and the method of printing ensure that despite my abuse during several boat and shore outings the rulers remain in pristine condition.

Other rulers have a tendency to snap, chip or break when in my hands or tackle box but these seem to be able to take any mistreatment handed out. Indeed the company’s website has a video of a ruler being tortured with a hammer and a blow torch!

As well as having measurements from 10 to 41cm printed at one centimetre intervals the single piece ruler has the species names of twenty-one of fish have been added at the appropriate NFSA size limits. The larger ruler, which is hinged at the mid-point, includes a further four species and accurate measures up to 77cm. A 90 degree head section aids quick and precise measuring of the fish.

The advantage of the hinged larger ruler means that both rulers fit neatly into a tackle box; from the Shakespeare Beta Box upwards. This saves having to carry a full length measure in a rod holdall.

The rulers are available in three vinyl colours, the printed section and two laminate colours. The area below the 10cm line can be engraved to personalise the rulers.

What would I change? Virtually nothing; it would be nice to see the fish names taking account of the other home nations size limits but market limits would preclude this. The only thing I’d like to see is a boat version without the head plate so it can be fixed to the upper side of a tackle box lid.

TKR Fishing Ruler fish sizes

All in all a terrific piece of kit which will probably outlast all my other gear given my maintenance levels.

The rulers are available in selected tackle shops or direct from the makers website.

The rulers are priced at £6 for the smaller version and £8 for the hinged two piece longer measure.

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