Shimano sunglasses

by Des Westmore

Boat anglers in particular know that without some sort of eye protection the low winter sun can at best be uncomfortable, and crippling at worst. Des Westmore looks at two competitively priced pairs of shades for fishermen.

Sunglasses ain’t just for summer. Low winter sun can make put real strain on anglers’ eyes, particularly if you fish from boats where the reflective glare bouncing off the sea can make matters so much worse. Equally, the likes of shore mullet anglers who largely rely on sight tactics know the benefits of polarised sunglasses only too well. Shimano have recently updated their extensive range of sunglasses with prices running from £25 to £50.


Two pairs that may be of interest to boat anglers are the Tiagra and Speedmaster. Both look smart and are polarized, but the Tiagra also features a mirrored lens. The frame arms grip well, so they do not fall off but if you do manage to drop them overboard… they float. What a great idea! I once saw now retired skipper Roger Bayzand drop his expensive shades in the harbour at Alderney… and they sank like a stone. So be warned.

Available through Shimano dealers, the Tiagra glasses are £49.99, while the Speedmaster version is £34.99. For more info visit

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