Tronix Pro Jumbo Rig Winders and Winder Box

by David Proudfoot

Foam is a rising epidemic that threatens to make old style sea anglers’ rig wallets redundant. David Proudfoot is a fan of foam whose eyes lit up when asked to check out the new 10 cm EVA rig winders and accompanying plastic storage box from Tronix Pro.

Rig wallets have their uses but many anglers have discarded them for the alternative tangle-free storage offered by EVA foam winders and a suitable storage box. Tronix Pro is responsible for the vast majority of rig winders in UK sea anglers’ tackle boxes and the original 6.5cm diameter Tronix winder is a best-selling product that continues to be snapped up in the thousands. Bigger can indeed be better and the introduction of a larger winder was a logical step.

Tronix Pro Jumbo Rig Winders and Winder Box

The new 10cm rig winder holds and dispenses long/light shore rigs and longer boat rigs far better than its 6.5cm little brother. Long flapping rigs that might be 0.35mm in the bodies and perhaps 0.24mm snoods peel off the large winders beautifully for example… so long as you remember to unhitch the right end of the rig! The 10cm rig winders are available in red, blue, orange, yellow and green.

Box Clever

In the same way as there is a custom storage box for the popular 6.5cm winders, Tronix have produced a toughened plastic box to take the 10cm winders.

Tronix Pro Jumbo Rig Winders and Winder Box

The box can hold up to 12 large winders across four equal sized compartments, and it fits well inside even the smaller Beta box tackle seats. Expect to pay around £6.50 for the box and £2.50 per four-pack of 10cm winders.

Available from Glasgow Angling Centre

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