Sakuma Wormer hook

by Iain Graham

The lethally sharp Sakuma Wormer hook might be small and neat but it can certainly handle bigger stray fish as reviewer Iain Graham has seen with his own eyes.

New in the impressive Sakuma hook range for 2013 is the 460 Wormer, a hook with continental origins. A relatively small design, the shape has quickly proven superb for a multitude of species for both boat or shore here in UK waters.

Sakuma Wormer hooks

The Wormer pattern has been something of a secret weapon of among disconcerting match anglers for a number of years. Blackened nickel finish, medium gauge forged Japanese steel wire, a fractionally  turned down eye, chemically etched needle-point and micro barb make it ideal for small worms and delicate bait presentations. In the larger sizes the wide gap doesn’t hinder presentation, making it superbly suited for crab baits when targeting species such as flounders or eels.

The smallest sizes will appeal to those fishing light fluorocarbon snoods when scratching out mini species, or small fish in difficult conditions. Don’t be fooled however, this is a strong hook that’s perfectly capable of handling larger species. I have personally witnessed several 4lb plus bass landed on the size 6 Wormers!

Sizes 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 & 1 come in handy packs of 10, or boxes of 30. Prices start from £1.90 per 10 pack. Available from Sakuma stockists.

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