New additions to Shamrock rig range

by David Proudfoot

Shamrock Fishing Tackle have added several colourful new rigs to their already expansive range. Boat angler David Proudfoot runs the rule over some new introductions by the Irish company.

Shamrock’s range of feather rigs is now well established and one sure gauge of their success is that several patterns originally unique to them seem to be popping up all over the place in the ranges of competitor companies. Flattering as this is, the Irish outfit is determined to stay one step ahead. These latest additions to the Shamrock rig board are a clear statement of intent underlining an ability to develop and deliver just what boat anglers want.

New additions to Shamrock rig range munster mawlers

Munster Mawlers

That’s ‘Mawlers’ not ‘Maulers’. These are a set of three needlefish-type lures in red, black, and vivid chartreuse. 35lb snoods branch to 3/0 hooks from a 40lb rig body. Proven pollack and cod catchers, some anglers cut the Mawlers off and re-tie them onto a long flowing trace for pollack, might be worth a try.

New additions to Shamrock rig range black Kilmore killers

Kilmore Killers(Black)

The Kilmore Killer in its various guises is one of Shamrock’s top selling feather patterns. This new black version is the latest KK incarnation. Black feathers and tinsel strands are tied in under an elongated luminous body, with a small spinner blade and lumi beads above. The packaging gives the body as 30lb, snoods as 25lb and hooks sized at 1/0. In my opinion the hooks are nearer 2/0. A deadly pattern for pollack, cod, haddock and ling when baited with mackerel.

New additions to Shamrock rig range kamikaze rig

Kamikaze Rig

This Kamikaze rig puts me in mind of a discontinued trace that went by the name of the White Gremlin. The crux of the rig is a set-of-three white baby muppets with small lumi green beads above. The muppets are 7 cm long to 1/0 nickel hooks, while the main spine is 30lb with 25lb droppers. Kamikazes are quickly earning a reputation as killer lures for cod and haddock.

New additions to Shamrock rig range black bulls eye rig

Bullseye Rig (Black)

A pearlescent fish skin wing sits over a black feather body, while a luminous painted head and bead on the snood give the Bullseye feathers a glow-in-the-dark aspect. Bulleyes in black are tied on 30lb body mono to 25lb snoods and size 1 nickel hooks. The original mixed colour Bullseye feathers are real mackerel machines, while these all black versions have better pollack and wider species credentials, particularly in overcast conditions according to Planet Sea Fishing’s Irish contacts.

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