Lenser H7 LED Headlamp

by Daniel Frazer

Many compact fishing headlights fall short in the performance and build quality stakes, but the Lenser H7 LED headlamp bucks these negative trends to deliver exactly what is promised on the product packaging says Daniel Frazer.

I had been seeking a neat but highly function headlamp/head-torch for some time, and after much consideration, I plumped an LED Lenser H7. At £35 through a well known Internet seller it appeared good value against various competitor products, and the specification list more than suggested that this lamp ticked my various required boxes.

The H7 has seen regular use since purchase, and early impressions are better than good. I opted for the standard H7 version, as opposed to the alternative H7R version, which includes rechargeable batteries, but is otherwise identical. I bought some high capacity AAA batteries from Vapextech that are absolutely fit for purpose.

Lenser H7 LED Headlamp

The H7 is a very small and lightweight lamp, yet appears to have an alloy casing and a reasonably sturdy strap. The strap doesn’t have a section over the top of the head, but this has not been a problem as it is so light it doesn’t slip down. The head section tilts in 3 or 4 stages, allowing the wearer to direct it wherever they like, and this has not loosened after 6 outings.

Positioned just atop of the lens is the small push on-off button, which is easy to press with cold hands. Underneath the lens is the focus knob, which swivels around a thread to range from a small spot through up to a spread beam of approximately 2ft wide at a distance of 1 metre. It is a fairly even beam with a bit of a dull spot at the wide angle setting, but not enough to upset you while fishing.

The battery pack is smart and stands the lamp out for me. It sits on the back of the head and has a sturdy plastic lever on top to adjust brightness from a very dim light option for the likes of watching rod tips, through to a very bright full beam. Full beam (max 140 lumens) is too bright for baiting up without being dazzled.

The lever itself is large enough to adjust from outside of my flotation jacket hood. I have found when switched up to the highest beam the lamp will burn very bright for about 30 minutes, then drop slightly yet keep providing a good clean light for over 2 hours. After the 2 hours the light dims gradually, but allows you plenty warning to change batteries without being left in pitch darkness. I fish with the light just a little below max and get a full 6 hour session out of it on a single set of batteries. Set up thus, I haven’t had to change the batteries during a session yet.

Wet performance

The benefit of this type of lamp is that the headpiece is small and doesn’t interfere with wearing of hoods etc. When it rains I can even tuck the headpiece underneath the peak of a cap… which keeps the rain off my glasses! My Lenser H7 LED lamp has been thoroughly soaked with rain and sea spray at least 3 times with no fluctuation in performance or ill effects evidenced. The battery case has a rubber cover which is a snug fit and no doubt keeps most of the rain out. The lamp unit build is simplicity itself and even concerted rain does not bother it in the slightest.

I am very pleased with the H7 because it delivers what the product blurb promises, and will not consider buying anything else for all of my night fishing. With a spare set of batteries in my pocket it would get me through an all-night session. The dim feature is brilliant, making the lamp very functional for camping and other activities. it also sits in my bag as a back-up when mountain biking at night… not quite as bright as my main 800 lumen lamps but it would get me home if they failed.

Lenser logo

At £35 Lenser H7 LED pees all over the competition in the value for money stakes. Being durable, sturdy, light and bright, it is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. So it doesn’t put out as much light at the Tigas and Samalites, but it puts out enough and costs a fifth of those high-end portable lighthouses.

Product specifications

  • Innovative CREE LED light chip – no more bulb changes
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated dimmer switch, providing Hi-Low beam facility.
  • Includes 3 x AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Swiveling lamp head – 90 degrees
  • Battery box with built in dimmer switch facility
  • Reflector lens combination for fast spot to flood focus
  • 117 gramme weight – excluding batteries

SRP: £49.99

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