Bait Binder from Inova Reviewed

by David Proudfoot

Since setting up his new company, Inova, Martin McGowan has not rested on his laurels when it comes to innovative fishing tackle. While the Ullcatch Bait Weaver proved a success Martin decided that things could be improved, and the Inova Bait Binder was introduced.

The Inova Bait Binder has the same basic shape as the Bait Weaver but with beneficial adjustments in design. Some are immediately obvious and others subtler. The design still keeps your bait elastic free from rotting fish oils or mussels juice. The elastic will have a much longer useable life, and won’t deteriorate into a malodorous, corroded mess.

The packaged Inova Bait Binder

High-Vis Orange Bait Binder

The base section of the Bait Binder is now a bright orange colour, making it much easier to locate when left lying on the boat, beach or rocks. The base maintains the two flat sides with ridged grips. This allows the angler to maintain a firm grip even with cold, slimy, bait covered fingers. The grips allow the user wearing gloves to firmly hold the Bait Binder.

The Bait Binder with cap removed

A transparent cap replaces the previous opaque end cap. This modification ensures that the angler can see exactly how much of the elastic is available on the spool. Prior to this the cap had to be removed to check how much elastic remained. It is also handy to have two of the Bait Binders set up with differing grades of elastic

Friction Assist

Inside the top opening hole, where the elastic leave the Bait Binder, Inova have added a soft plastic internal rim, a point missed by other reviewers. This is my favourite alteration and it helps stop the protruding end of the elastic from accidently springing back through the opening.

The thread held by the soft plastic rim

It also maintains pressure on the elastic when binding a bait but still allows the thread to flow freely. The tension provided is enough to use the Binder without having to hold the elastic while not being so strong that it cuts into soft baits.

A central spindle provides the location for the the spools of elastic. Two opposing, sprung clips hold the spool securely in place. The cap is secured with a twist lock after threading.

A spool of elastic on the central spindle

As with the previous version, static can attract the loose elastic to the transparent cap during threading. Simply wetting a pinkie tip and pushing the thread through eliminates this problem. Alternatively, a loop of monofilament can be used as a pull through. The static effect at the cap opening is reduced by the soft plastic insert.

All Change Bait Binder Lanyard

The material used for the lanyard has been changed. It is now a heavier weave with a slight elasticity which surmounts the previously identified problem where the Bait Weaver tended to flap and twist in the wind.

The lanyard is no longer adjustable but Inova seem to have the length right as we found no problem with reach when baiting up.

The Inova Bait Binder ready for use

Even those with larger neck will find that the Bait Binder locates safely out of the way in the top of a bib and brace when not in use.

The quick release clip ensures that it is easy to remove the lanyard. I prefer to use the Bait Binder off the lanyard. The Binder can be quickly unclipped for baiting up then re-located on the lanyard until the next use.

Three Grades of Elastic

The Bait Binder comes complete with three grades of elastic. An orange spool holds the finest of these, great for small, neat shellfish, worm or prawn baits. The mid-range green spool provides a gauge which is suitable for general fishing including sandeel binding. The heaviest grade of elastic is on the blue spool which ensures that all but the common skate anglers are covered.

The supplied spools of elastic Inova Bait Binder spare spool of elastic

Inova provide replacement spools of each of the three grades at £1.99 per spool.

Quality Product

The Inova Bait Binder is an evolutionary step up from the highly-praised Bait Weaver. The obvious and subtle modifications have strengthened its reputation as a must have tackle box essential.

In use, the days of foul-smelling, rotted bait elastic are past. Baiting up is a simplified, clean and produces tidy, well presented baits.

Neat baits produced using the Bait Binder

Unlike my Bait Weavers I will be keeping a hold of my Bait Binders, skippers from Weymouth to the Faroe Islands can buy their own!

Available from:

Henry’s Tackle Shop, Ireland – € 13.99

Sea Match Fishing, UK – £9.99


INOVA Fishing Tackle – Tel: 00 353 (0)87 4012215


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