New Tronixpro Rods Launched

by David Proudfoot

It is always interesting to be notified of new rods on the shore scene. The latest Tronixpro rods announced are two new additions to their already impressive range. The Cobra Light is a smaller brother to the well-established Cobra GT and is intended for casting lighter leads. The Naga MX has been designed by Joe Arch as a traditional multiplier beach rod capable of launching weights of up to 200gm. It comes with a reducer which allows the reel to be fished down or up the rod.

Tronixpro Rods – Cobra Light

tronixpro rods the cobra light

As with other Tronixpro rods it has been manufactured from with materials and fittings from the best manufacturers. The blank itself has been constructed from 40T Japanese Carbon, this produces a wonderfully light blank that is also strong, making it a joy to use. To compliment the blank Fuji Stainless/Alconite KWAG guides have been used. These feature a polished stainless steel frame with an Alconite liner. The design of these rings is ideally suited to fixed spool use and the guide angle is perfect for allowing smooth line flow, making them more efficient for smoother, longer casts.

Tronixpro Cobra light comes in the familiar lime green colour scheme of the present Cobra on the butt, complete with black rear butt grip. From the reel seat upwards the blank is white, this helps distinguish between the two if you’re carrying both a Cobra and a Cobra Light. The rings are whipped on with green whipping with a silver under wrap. At the bottom of each section is a black, grippy area so you can break the rod down easier with cold, wet hands.

  • Length: 4.2m
  • Guides: Fuji Stainless/Alconite KWAG
  • Reel Seat: Fuji DPSSD P
  • Composition: Japanese 40 ton carbon
  • Casting: 50-150g
  • Price: £259.99 (RRP)

Future Versions: 4.5m version (same casting weights) to be launched Spring 2017.

The Tronixpro Cobra Light 4.2m rod will be joining the other Tonixpro rods in the shops from the week commencing the 12th of December 2016. You can find your nearest stockist by using the Tronixpro Store Locator. Please remember to contact the shop prior to travelling to make sure they have the rod on order/in stock.

Tronixpro Rods – Naga MX

tronixpro rods the naga mx

Purposefully, the colour scheme of the Naga MX has been designed with night fishing in mind. The phosphorescent tip section with a charge from a UV light or headlight give you ample bite detection without having to constantly switch your light on to see your rod tips. The silver stainless Fuji K Alconite guides, red with silver detail whipping and almost metallic red blank colour allow you to see the rod in low light levels. Whether that be moonlight, street lighting or any other far off, surrounding light.

Constructed of lightweight 40 ton carbon the Naga MX features a slim diameter blank with maximum strength and minimal weight. It’s built in a two equal section configuration, each section is 7ft with a separate reducer included. At 7ft broken down the rod is easily transportable in most vehicles. The added reducer allows you to fish your reels down. Alternatively, for the angler who likes to fish with their reels up, a Fuji butt cap is included so you can do away with the reducer. A robust rod bag with extra pockets for the reducer and the coasters is included.

  • Length: 14ft, two piece plus 22 inch reducer
  • Casting Weight: 5 to 8 oz
  • Guides: Fuji K Alconite with silver stainless steel legs and surround
  • Reel Seat: Tronixpro Coasters
  • Rod Bag: Yes, hard wearing cloth rod bag
  • Butt Cap: Yes, Fuji butt cap for casting with your reel up

Price: £329.99

For more information on the Tronixpro Naga MX or other Tronixpro rods please click here, to find your nearest stockist, please visit the Tronixpro store locator.

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