How to Tie a Pulley Drop Down Rig

by David Proudfoot

General Purpose Big Bait Rig

The principal behind the pulley drop down rig is that on impact with the sea the Gemini rig swivel will release and the trace will slide down the rig body to allow the baits to rest on the seabed. If using a grip lead the line should be tightened before hitting the seabed to ensure the hook or hooks flow away from the rig body. With a plain lead the rig can be moved after settling to obtain the same effect.

Works best when there is a tide run and is effective for big baits.

Although this rig is widely known as the pulley drop down rig it does not in fact act as a pulley rig on retrieve as the snood is fixed to the rig body.

Pulley Drop Down Rig Components

Main Body

4 x 4-5mm Beads

1 x Swivel

1 x Tronixpro Pulley Bead, alternatives include the Breakaway Proper Pulley or the Gemini Pulley Bead

1 x Gemini Rig Clip

1 x Gemini Splash Down Solo, alternatives include the Breakaway Impact Shield or Imp

Approx. 1.5 metre length 60-80lb BS main line


1 x Swivel

1 x 800mm length 30-50lb BS snood

1 x Pennel Rig or 2/0 to 6/0 hook

The Rig Body

  1. Tie the Splash Down Solo to the main body trace line.
  2. Thread on one bead and the rig clip, a further two beads and then the pulley bead or a swivel.
  3. Thread on the final bead and tie a swivel to the free end.
  4. Tie the second swivel to the snood length and attach either pennel rigged hooks or a single hook to the opposite end.
  5. Attach the snood swivel to the Gemini rig clip.

Prior to casting slot the hook into the bait clip and clip the Gemini rig clip hooked end into the swivel on the main rig body.

Click on image for larger version

drop down pulley rig

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