How to Tie Micheal’s Garfish Rig

by David Proudfoot

Garfish Rig

Thanks to Micheal West of Seaglo Tackle for his description of this rig.

Micheal’s garfish rig is not designed to target solely garfish but instead allows one of the two hooks to present a bait for multiple species on the seabed while to buoyant upper hook searches for garfish and mackerel. The rig is a short to medium distance rig as casting will be restricted by the foam popup at the top of the trace.

For reference the Fox Popups are available in three sizes: Medium = 17mm – Large = 22mm – X-Large = 30mm.

Garfish Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Medium Swivel

1 x Knot Protector or Tubing

1 x Buoyant Foam Popup, Fox do a range of popups

6 x Micro Beads – Sequins can be used to secure foam popup

6 x Lengths Rig Tubing

2 x Snood Swivels

2 x Lengths of Silicon Tubing or Shrink Tube

1 x Lead Link

Approx 2.5 metre length 60lb BS main line


1 x 400mm approx length 10-20lb BS flourocarbon or clear mono snood

1 x 2 metre approx length 10-20lb BS flourocarbon or clear mono snood

1 x size 10 Chinu style hook

1 x size 6 – 2 hook for target seabed species

1 x length EVA Foam

The Rig Body

  1. Tie on the lead link and thread on the rest of the components in this order; Rig Tubing / Micro Bead / Swivel / Micro Bead / Rig Tubing
  2. Repeat for the second snood swivel.
  3. Thread on the following; Rig Tubing / Micro Bead / Foam Popup / Micro Bead / Rig Tubing / Knot Protector
  4. Tie on the swivel to the top of the trace body and push knot protector over the swivel to the mid-point.
  5. Starting with the foam popup locate the tubing and glue in place. Move the top swivel into position and glue tubing in place. The distance between the snood swivel must ensure that they will not tangle when casting or fishing.
  6. Tie the hooks to the snoods and then to the swivels. The top snood length should be around 2 metres to allow the baited hook to rise in the water.
  7. Beads or other attractors can be added to the lower snood.

Micheal has a video of the rig on YouTube.

Click on image for larger version

garfish rig

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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