Power Gum Drop Down Rig

by David Proudfoot

A drop down rig for long range

This rig was adapted from the plaice rig used by the late Adrian Farely.

The Power Gum will maintain tension on the snood when clipped down while releasing on hitting the sea. A lift of the rod tip will move the lead and ensure that the snood sits away from the rig body.

Rig Components

Main Body

1 x 3/0 Oval Split Ring

1 x 1/0 Oval Split Ring

1 x Snood Swivel

1 x Cascade Swivel

1 x Breakaway Imp or other bait clip

1 length of Powergum

Approx. 1.5 – 2 metre length 50-80lb BS main line to match shock leader


1 x length 30lb BS snood approx 150mm shorter than the rig body length

1 x silicone bait stop

1 x Size 1/0 to 5/0 hook, a pennel rig can be substituted

The Rig Body

  1. Tie on the imp link and thread on the Cascade Swivel
  2. Tie on the larger oval split ring.
  3. Tie the snood line to the cascade swivel on the trace body
  4. Tie the hook to the snood length
  5. Thread on silicone stop
  6. Locate the hooks in the bait clip holding the sinker down firmly and tension the trace body from the oval split ring, position the cascade swivel up the main line until the snood line is tight and measure the distance.
  7. Tie the small oval split ring to the powergum and fix the small spilt ring to the larger one. Using the previous measurement tie the snood swivel to the power gum ensuring that the distance is approximately 25mm less than the distance between the tensioned cascade swivel and the oval split ring at the top of the trace.
  8. When fishing the stretched power gum will keep the snood under tension until impact with the sea and on release the snood will be free to slide down the trace.

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power gum drop down rig

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