How To Tie A Redi Rig Release Float Rig For Tope

by David Proudfoot

The Redi Rig release floats are an alternative to using balloons when fishing at varying depths. The clip and stopper arrangement allows the depth to be varied without having to remove the float or any stops. It can be detached when the fish approaches the boat to assist with landing or release.

Redi Rig Release Float Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Redi Rig release float; size depends upon the weight being supported including the bait

1 x egg or barrel sinker

1 x bead

3 x swivels

1 x link

1 x 450 mm 80lb running length

1 x 1.2 – 2.5 metre 100 -250lb rubbing teader

1 x 450 mm 80 – 100lb multi-strand wire or 250 – 300lb bite length

1 x 6/0 to 10/0 medium to heavy gauge wire hook

The Rig Body

Weight Carrier Rubbing Length
  1. Tie the link to one end of the rubbing length.
  2. Thread on the egg or barrel sinker.
  3. Tie a swivel to the other end of the rubbing length.
Bite Length
  1. Attach one end of the wire or heavy duty monofilament to the hook using a crmp.
  2. Attach a swivel to the open end of the bite length using a crimp.
  3. Knots can be used in place of the crimps if using monofilament.
Rubbing Leader
  1. Tie a swivel to one end of the rubbing leader.
  2. Attach the open end of the rubbing leader either directly to the bite length swivel or use a clip for quick changing of the bite length.
  1. Clip the weight carrying length to the rubbing leader.
  2. Thread the bead onto the leader from the rod and tie to the top of the weight carrier. Again a clip can be added.
  3. Open the clip on the top of the Redi Rig release float and attach to the main rod leader.
  4. Locate the float at the required depth on the rod leader and secure the line in the rubber stops at the base of the float.

More details and photographs of the Redi Rig release float can be found in the review.

They are available in the UK from Leadertec.

Click on image for larger version

redi rig float tope rig
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