VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box

by Steve Souter

A small odds-and-ends box to neatly take the likes of spare hooks, links and swivels is an essential. Here Steve Souter discusses a neat little box from VMC that caught his eye.

VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box openedI am a sucker for a decent little bits box. Good examples of such boxes are ideal for carrying spare hooks, swivels, clips, beads etc when out shore or boat fishing. And if you can’t cram the vast majority of your terminal bits and bobs into a couple of these little space-saving boxes then you are packing too much gear.

The latest to come into my possession was this bright red one from VMC and supplied by UK Hooks. The tough twin-sided plastic box is formed from non-brittle plastic that isn’t prone to cracking and withstands more than a little rough treatment. The one in my possession didn’t flinch when I accidentally trod on it… and that’s a good enough endorsement for me.


A strong plastic hinge and secure latch open to reveal five individual compartments on one side, and a large double hatch to a large single compartment on the other. There’s a foam base in the large compartment to take a few hooks or even some saltwater flies. I utilised the VMC box for a selection of hooks and opted to remove the foam layer in order to accommodate three or four different types of hooks in their more waterproof packets.

VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box clip on end VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box showing hooks in compartment VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box showing large compartment VMC ‘bits and pieces’ box closed

This box measures a palm-sized 140mm X 85mm X 45mm and is easily carried in the pocket of a jacket or roving angler’s waistcoat. Price is £4.99 from UK Hooks and there are a couple of differently configured but similarly handy boxes also available.

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