Double Compartment Quiver from Tronixpro

by David Proudfoot

review product supplied stickerPart of the Tronixpro luggage collection the double compartment quiver provides secure, protective, portable storage for the angler afloat or on the shore.

For a number of years I have tried various rod holdalls and quivers for both boat and shore fishing. They vary from the bulky but cavernous holdalls from the carp and pike angler’s shelves to the compact and tight fitting, sea angling quivers. Until I was asked to look at the Tronixpro double compartment quiver I thought I was stuck with the worst of both worlds.

Tronix Double Compartment Quiver with rods

Tronix double compartment quiver with rods

I have used this quiver extensively over the past six months, mostly from the beach and to a lesser extent when out boat fishing. I have to say that I am impressed both with the quality and the carrying capacity.

Central Compartment

Manufactured from heavy duty fabric, the double compartment quiver provides an effective method of transporting rods, both broken down and fully assembled. The main compartment, 1.4 metre long, is lightly padded with room for three to four rods without reels. The length of this section copes admirably with two or three piece rods.

double compartment quiver with two rods

Two and three piece rods

If reels are fitted to the rods it will hold two rods fitted with casting multipliers. Depending upon the reel seat positions it is capable of carrying two boat rods with medium reels comfortably. To my surprise I was also able to zip up with a single three piece rod with a 1400 size Shimano fixed spool reel, as long as the handle was in the collapsed position.

double compartment quiver with fixed spool rods

Fixed spool rods

Truncated Compartment

The shorter outer compartment, 90 centimetre long, is designed with the shore angler in mind and perfectly holds a Golds Igloo for transport. However, I have also utilised it to carry either an assembled multiplier rod or one with a smaller fixed spool, again with the handle in the storage position.

double compartment quiver fastening strap

Fastening strap on rod rest

At the base of the opposite side of the Tronixpro double compartment quiver is a 23 centimetre deep pouch which, in conjunction with a securing strap, is designed to hold a rod rest.

Quality Materials and Finishes

While the main fabric is not totally waterproof it will resist rain and salt water spray and is easy to maintain by wiping down to remove sand and other extraneous matter. The base of the double compartment quiver does have a waterproof finish that appears to be robust and will withstand wear.

double compartment quiver strap and handle

Carrying strap and handle

The carrying strap and handle are both padded for comfort and are firmly stitched to the quiver body. They are both well positioned to balance the quiver when in transit. Even with two fully assembled four metre plus rods it feels comfortable either in hand or on the shoulder.

Locking Straps

There are fabric locking straps in all of the compartments with plastic locking clips on the two outer sections and Velcro fastenings in the main compartment.

double compartment quiver fastening strap

Fastening strap on rod rest

The outer straps are the source of my only complaint relating to the Tronixpro double compartment quiver. The female ends of these three straps are a bit on the long side. This makes it difficult to secure any narrow item such as a rod. This fault could be corrected either by fixing the female plastic fitting hard up against the quiver or by making this end adjustable like the male end.

There is no problem with bulky items such as a beach shelter and double wrapping the straps does make them usable.

Zipped Up

There are full length zips on the two compartments which makes it simple to load the rods or other equipment. There is no risk of damaging rod rings as can happen with an enclosed quiver.

double compartment quiver internal straps

Internal straps

The zips show no sign of wear and tear at present but like all my tackle zips I have treated these with Zip Care to ensure that they stay free running.


The Tronixpro double compartment quiver is a well finished example of a product designed with the sea angler in mind. It is robust enough to securely carry assembled rods in a balanced manner as well as providing transit storage for the longest of rod rests and the heaviest beach shelter.

double compartment quiver logo

Available for around £29 it well priced in a market where few if any other rod holdalls or quivers provide such spacious capacity.

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