Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

by David Proudfoot

Match rod rests, tripods, rod stands, call them what you will, are great for sand and shingle beaches. But as Planet Sea Fishing points out, there are also strong cases for owning a functional lightweight alternative in the shape one of the Ian Golds Telescopic Tripods.

Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod set upWhile ‘match’ rod-rests with all their bells and whistle add-ons are superb for the static open beach ‘match’ and ‘pleasure’ environments that they are designed for, they are not best suited to all aspects of shore fishing.

There is no avoiding that these types of tripods are bulky, quite heavy and not ideal for trailing long distances over the types of obstacles that many of us have to negotiate in order to reach fishing marks. Much of my shore angling is done a good distance from the car, and involves a considerable hike, often across boggy farmers’ fields and slippery rocks. A standard match rod rest is a cluttering pain in the neck for this, while a reliable, compact, lightweight and functional rod rest is more suited and less of a burden.

The compact design and lightness of the Ian Golds range of Telescopic Tripods is absolutely ideal for rock fishing and other everyday fishing situations too. I have found these rests excellent for river fishing for flounders and eels, where achieving a low rod tip and shallow line angle is desirable. Setting the short rest very low to the ground is so easy.

Product features

There are three different size versions of the Golds Telescopic tripod: 18 – 36 inches (46cm – 92cm), 24 – 48 inches (61cm – 122cm) and 36 – 72 inches (92cm – 184cm). They are all of tubular aluminium construction and feature adjustable legs, a bucket hook and spiked feet. All three are available with either single or double heads and cups, while the double head and cups can be swung/locked in the vertical position for easier transport. Like all Ian Golds rod stands the double head and twin cups are easily swapped to a single head and cup as and when required. A foldaway trace bar and various other ‘Golds’ and ‘Veals’ optional extras also fit this stand.

the locking screws on an Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod the upper section of Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

the hook on an Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod the cups on an Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod


I have the largest 3 – 6 foot version, which occupies very little space and permanently lives in the boot of the car in readiness for any impromptu fishing session. I am not suggesting for one minute that this telescopic rest is ideal for coping with windswept beaches, or for supporting the latest increasingly popular 16 feet long beach rods. But in terms of mobility, convenience and ease of use over all, the telescopic rest scores many more plus points than a match rest when it comes to getting to, and fishing difficult rock marks in particular.

Best price found at publication was £29.99 from Veals Mail Order

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