Ian Golds Single Reel Cases

by Steve Souter

England international and fishing tackle innovator Ian Golds has got the design of his single reel cases absolutely right says fussy Steve Souter.

Other than pricey rods, reels are generally the most expensive items of tackle that we own. We take care that these cherished possessions don’t get dumped in sand, bounced off rocks or clattered on shingle. We rinse, oil and buff reels – well, sometimes – in the expectation that they will remain dependable and looking respectable on the shore. It defies logic then that many of us consciously sling reels unprotected into tackle boxes or rucksacks to proficiently knock lumps of each other in transit. The regular result is chips, dents, scratches, bent handles and buckled star drag wheels. And I am as guilty as anyone, having never been satisfied with various poorly designed, flimsy fabric reel cases that I’ve owned and discarded over the last quarter of a century.

Ian Golds Single Reel Cases Ian Golds Single Reel Cases

It has taken an age to get something as apparently simple as a reel case absolutely right, but the fishing brain that is England international, Ian Golds has done it with his single reel cases. The areas of size, quality, and indeed shape, are what set these reel cases apart from virtually everything else that’s available.

Available in red, blue and black, the unique wedge-shape design takes power handles and out-size magnet control knobs into account. Each case swallows a 6500 or 7HT multiplier reel easily, while comfortably accommodating a large reel with a correspondingly large handle such as a Daiwa Saltist 30H, ABU 7000 or medium-sized boat reel. The shape of the product is a stroke of brilliance, not only in housing the awkward protrusions of a reel so effectively, but because it also allows effective utilisation of the available space in your tackle box or bag. Take two reel cases and place opposing diagonal edges side-by-side to neatly occupy any small area of dead space.

Ian Golds Single Reel Cases Ian Golds Single Reel Cases

Made from hardwearing 600D PVC backed waterproof fabric, the cases are lined and padded for increased protection. Brass ventilation eyelets at either end allow moisture to escape, and a silica gel pouch is supplied with each case to further draw moisture away from the enclosed reel. Don’t make the mistake of throwing this little gel bag in the bin… it’s there for a reason.

A heavy-duty zip provides generous access, while operation of the zipper is made easier via an attached webbing/plastic pinch-fob. Zip corrosion as a result of saltwater exposure is an issue with many cheap reel cases. Since these pictures were shot, I have had the cases on the beach and boat in all weathers, and superficial exterior fishing grot aside, the zips still pull open and closed freely with no visible sign of a looming problem.

It is not often that you come across a product that is near perfect in its simplicity and function, but these Ian Golds reel cases come damn close. They provide great protection against everyday knocks and bring a bit of easy order to the bottom of your tackle box.

Ian Golds Single Reel Cases

If my wish were Mr Golds’ command, then I would ask that a larger version of the reel case be rolled out to take the large fixed spool reels becoming ever more evident on the beach, and even bigger boat reels. The fixed spool angle is a valid one as there are big European and American markets in addition to more and more UK anglers on the fixed spool uptake. RRP: £5.95

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