Snowbee Lure Boxes

by Des Westmore

With huge and growing European interest in plug fishing for particularly bass, Des Westmore casts an eye over a pair of ingenious new lure storage boxes from Snowbee.

Snowbee’s new lure boxes are just the ticket for plugging or trolling ashore or afloat.

Snowbee Lure Boxes

These double-sided compartmentalised boxes have hull-like cross-sections inside, which serve to accommodate treble hooks perfectly and ensure lures are carried independent of one and other. The internal separation system is simple and superb, eradicating the nightmare ‘lure balls’ common to less considered boxes.

Another great feature that works well is the ventilation/drainage slots. These allow air to circulate and water to run out, greatly reducing the possibility of corrosion. Long-term storage of wet saltwater lures is not recommended, but the strategic slots do mean that lures can be held under the tap washed with fresh water while still in the box.

There are small (20 x 15 x 4.5cm) and large size (25 x 18 x 5cm) boxes available. These take 10 and 14 lures respectively and cost £10.99 and £12.99. Product information at

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