7 Year Old Boy lands 7lb bass

by David Proudfoot

Welsh International boat fisherman, Rod Adamson, received quite a shock when he took his two young sons out to coach them in catching sea bass at Barmouth, and his youngest, 7 year old Lennon, landed a 7lb 3oz bass, teaching his dad a thing or two.

Rod had taken his boys to Barmouth Railway Bridge on 10th September, in the dramatically beautiful Mawddach Estuary. The trio faced force 8 gales and driving rain from the aftermath of hurricane Katia, which together with tons of debris swirling down the estuary made conditions challenging to say the least. In typical Adamson style the boys persevered, fishing off the bridge using live sand eels for bait. On the second day of the trip, young Lennon saw the tip of his rod suddenly jerk with tremendous force and he tightened his grip in the nick of time. The line streamed off reel and young Lennon had to use all his skills to keep the fish from breaking lose. The struggle between boy and fish continued for 25 minutes before Lennon could overcome the strong tide, currents and tremendous power of the water to land it in the drop net.

Rod said of his son, “Seeing young Lennon land such a huge bass was amazing. He seems to catch a bigger bass each time we go fishing and puts my efforts to shame. Lennon really had to fight to hold onto the bass, but he battled on and was determined not to let it go. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the size; it was almost bigger than Lennon himself. A moment any Dad would be more than proud of.”

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