Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds

by David Proudfoot

Wrecking Bullets from Namix are two brand new moulds that will instantly grab the interest of boat anglers. Available in 12oz and 16oz versions for starters, these produce leads that are dead-ringers for the classic 10oz DCA Aquapedo.

Namix have moved to better cater for boat anglers with the introduction of several new Bullet moulds in heavier weights. Known as ‘Wrecking Bullets’, the impressive 12oz and 16oz versions tested here are made to the same high standard as the Bullet Extreme GX moulds, and produce excellent leads in shapes that boat anglers will instantly warm to.

One of the best-regarded leads from the old DCA stable was the elongated tear, Aquapedo shape beloved of boat anglers countrywide. Unfortunately, this classic lead mould was only ever produced in 10ozs and there have long been cries for a similarly shaped lead in heavier increments. The new Bullet moulds bear close a resemblance to original Aquapedo shape; with the longer 16oz lead a real dead-ringer. The 12oz Wrecking Bullet mould produces a lead that’s slightly stubbier in aspect.

Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds 16oz Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds 12oz Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds 12oz lead Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds 16oz lead

The moulds themselves are excellent quality and easy to work with. Deep recesses and locating nubs ensure secure fitting together. Working temperature is easily achieved, while they do not quickly overheat or bevel uselessly after a handful of pours. Generous pouring apertures help prevent premature clogging and the sides are easily tapped apart on the workbench, or split with a quick twist from screwdriver. Equally, there is no time-consuming edge flashing to remove, and leads are good-to-go when the sprue is nipped off.

It has been a long while since new, good quality UK-made moulds specifically tailored for boat anglers have been available… something clearly not lost on the people behind Namix who are active boat and shore anglers themselves. They promise more new moulds in the coming months, and it will pay to look in on their website every now and then.

Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds closed Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds lead selection

Contact Namix direct for prices and details of the new Wrecking Bullets and other moulds. Visit  for more information.


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Richard May 18, 2022 - 8:12 pm

Hi how much for a UK hooks 5oz bomb mould please.thanks richard

David Proudfoot May 26, 2022 - 3:34 pm

Unfortunately UK Hooks have close following the death of the owner.


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