Kogha Folding Tub

by David Proudfoot

I have always avoided round buckets of any description whether it is for bait digging or carrying leads and other bits and pieces. They are a pain to store and stack in the car and roll about if upended.

When browsing through the extensive Askari website I found the Kogha square collapsible tub, the first that I had come across, and an order was placed.

Kogha Folding Tub

The bucket is manufactured from heavy-duty plastic with well-finished seals and robust handles. It folds up neatly with three straight edges. The triangular base can also be folded over to allow the tub to nestle tidily in a tackle or cool box.

It measures 30 x 30 x 19cm when opened out and folds down to approximately 26 x 4 x 7cm. It holds over 15 litres of seawater making it ideal for defrosting bait, hand washing or holding fish prior to measure and release.

Kogha Folding Tub

The only fault I noted was that the handles are rather short which could make it difficult for people with small hands to carry one handed when full of water.

Other than that, it is a very handy, compact bucket or tub with lots of uses including keeping sand off the camera when out on the beach. It is currently listed on the Askari website at the bargain price of £3.99.

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