Irwin Job Tote

by David Proudfoot

Suitable carriers for heavy boat fishing leads don’t exist… or do they? David Proudfoot thinks that they do, but you won’t find items like the handy Irwin Job Tote, featured here, in tackle shops.

the Irwin Job ToteLike most sea anglers I’m constantly on the lookout for useful items and not just in tackle shops. For years I’ve been searching for a suitable convenient container to humph my boat fishing leads… and I have tried all sorts of buckets, bags and assorted tool trays with limited success.

The answer to this problem came via Scottish international Scott Gibson whose tidy lead organiser recently caught my eye. Scott used the ‘Irwin Job Tote’ which is the business for carting weights and pirks safely and comfortably. Its intended function is to hold small heavy tools and is available from DIY stores.

The base structure is a sturdy metal frame made from round section bar about 5 mm in diameter. This is surrounded by tough plastic panels contained within a robust 600 denier Polyester cloth which has a waterproof backing. The frame is securely fixed within the panels with six bolts with flanged nuts on two of the sides. The top and bottom edges and the four side edges have reinforced stitched binding. The base has an additional layer of synthetic fabric.

Irwin Job Tote handle Irwin Job Tote strap clip

The handle is constructed of nylon webbing and can be detached at one side due to the inclusion of a metal clip fitting. An ergonomic soft handle grip makes the tote the most comfortable weight container I’ve seen.

Plenty of pockets

A series of pockets made from the same durable fabric run round the outside. On opposite sides are two full width pockets capable of holding rigs in poly-grip bags. Above each of these is a metal fixing for tape measures or even extra little clip-on containers like the one pictured. The pockets on the other two sides are half width, giving four in all, and these are suitable for pliers, disgorgers and other anglers’ tools. Pirks can also be carried in these pockets but I’d suggest fitting plastic tubes to protect the user from sharp hooks.

Inside the carrier is a diagonal divider made from Polyester cloth which houses three pouches, neatly dividing the internal section into locations for different sizes of leads. I found these narrow pouches a little too tight for some of the larger leads I carry, and slit the stitching to form a single large middle pocket as seen below. Around the four internal walls are yet more pockets, three on each side. Two of these are pirk-sized and sit either side of a larger pocket suitable for holding leads up to 6ozs.

Irwin Job Tote with weights in compartments Irwin Job Tote side view Irwin Job Tote with pirks in side pocket



Possible improvement

About the only thing I could think of to change with this tote would be to provide a waterproof flap to fold over the top, but I suspect that I’ll be able to find a plastic tray which will fit snugly on the open top.

The Irwin Job Tote has proven invaluable, allowing me to organise, identify and access my leads in a heartbeat. And the days of red raw fingers being painfully grooved by metal handled buckets are long gone! Prices vary but a quick Google on the internet should locate one for around £20. Irwin produce several other toolbags and organisers which may be suitable for anglers.

Size dimensions: 230mm x 230mm x 320mm

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