IMAX Mullet rod

by Des Westmore

Without doubt, multi-tip rods are becoming popular for sea fishing and now virtually every manufacturer has a rod offering multiple tips fitting a common butt/handle, interchangeable solid glass or carbon push-in tips, or rods that are re-configurable in different lengths… some even offer all three. The best examples of this genre offer good value and versatility in spades. And it is not just competition angling that has seen multi-tip rods become functional and fashionable as both the everyday surf and boat fishing markets all have multi tip rods making inroads.

the IMAX Mullet rod with multi-tips

With a standard tip and further multi tip section, the IMAX Mullet rod is a quite unique piece of kit that could well range beyond the confines of shore mulleting. It is no secret that rods are getting generally longer: modern materials mean that long rods balance better than ever, while retaining enough stiffness in the lower part of the blank to provide lifting power when required. I see uptiders, spinning rods and even 5-metre long telescopic competition rods all being used to squeeze maximum sport and enjoyment from fish.

In whatever configuration it is slotted together, the IMAX mullet is 12 feet in length. Though this is perfect for shore and rock work for typically mullet, bream, gar and mackerel etc, it is certainly the longest rod I have personally used in a boat. It did not feel too long or unwieldy and the small passing attention the rod received from the other anglers aboard served to illustrate just how accepted longer rods have become.

Fixtures and fittings

As the product name betrays, the rod was designed with mullet in mind. It is spigot-jointed in two equal sections and measures 12 feet (3.6m). In ‘carp-speak’ the standard tip section boasts a 1.75lb test curve. Nine lined rings are fitted plus a tip guide, with a further two rings on the butt section. The first ring is three-legged, while all others are single leg. The rings are not of a branded make but look of decent quality nonetheless.

the handle of the IMAX Mullet rod

The bottom section sports a full cork handle and fixed reel seat. The handle is 23 inches (590mm) long overall, and 7/8” (22mm) in diameter, with 17″ (430mm) of cork grip behind the reel seat. The reel seat is of a plastic design with metal clasping hoods for the reel. The burgundy blank looks classy and is ½” (13mm) diameter at the top of the handle, tapering to 0.090″ (2.3mm) at the tip. This slim blank has what I would describe as a medium tip action. Whippings are black tipped with red, and the workmanship of the general finish is a good standard. The rod is designed for use with a fixed spool.

Multi tip section

The 4 ft (1220mm) multi-tip tip section is also supplied as standard. It is fitted with five single leg rings, one of which is fitted right at the upper extreme end. The whipping over the point where the glass tips plug in additionally strengthens this part of the blank.

the IMAX Mullet rod multi-tips

Three 25″ (530mm) quiver tips are supplied. They rate as 2oz, 3oz and 4oz. Each tip has four single leg rings plus tip and they are colour coded green, orange and red, as well as having their respective ratings marked. A transparent tube is supplied for safe tip storage and transport. This is all very similar to a freshwater feeder rod, which effectively is what exactly what this interchangeable tip amounts too. All in all what we have here is a versatile four-rods-in-one package offering value for money and lots fishing scope.


At risk of stating the obvious the IMAX is excellent as a mullet stick, and beginners through to time-served specialists alike will love this rod in the flesh. The design is well considered and whether using a standard float set up, or an alternative ledger rig above a feeder, this rod has much to offer.

Float fishing for bass with live baits gains in popularity each year. The Mullet rod’s 1.75lb tip is excellent for this. Its forgiving action is great for cushioning the agitated antics of a hooked fish, generating confidence with both light mono and braid. The standard tip can also be pressed into service for throwing a plug or bubble float into a shoal of feeding bass.


To test the feeder section along with its three tips I targeted bream in the spring and sole in the autumn from the boat, and mixed in a few shore flounder trips too. The Imax Mullet really does look the part with the ultra fine quiver tips fitted, and never failed to draw admiring glances and inquisitive questions. By matching the particular quiver tip to the tide, a fish will move off, dragging the tip over against no resistance. Using circle hooks, my hook-up rate was excellent and feisty black bream on this rod are an absolute riot.

a bream on the IMAX Mullet rod

The rod has held up well through testing although the reel seat has since shown some corrosion, and there are further traces of rust on some of the rings. I’m of the opinion that the IMAX Mullet would not tolerate total neglect well, but given a rinse off with fresh water after use and an occasional spray with one of the many moisture dispersing sprays on the market should ensure reliability and a good lifespan.

RRP: £99

Best price found at publication: £86.95 Glasgow Angling Centre

For more information visit Svendsen Sports

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