Grauvell Teknos Pliers

by Steve Souter

Costing under a tenner Grauvell Teknos pliers put many much more expensive products to shame. A compact tool, they breeze through 1001 everyday fishing tasks and deliver plenty for the very modest price tag says Steve Souter.

Owning at least one good set of fishing pliers is essential if you are to make a half decent job of the infinite number of little tasks that confront all anglers on a daily basis. A personal requirement is for a compact tool rather than some of the monstrous sets of pliers straight out of a mad dentist’s house-of-horrors. You can choose to pay a fortune for good fishing pliers if you want to, but there are some superb competitively priced tools available for what amounts to pennies.

Grauvell stainless Teknos pliers are a neat 15cm long multifunctional tackle tool rather than a dedicated unhooking implement. Costing a little over £8, these 150g pocket-sized beauties feature various crimping ports, wire/mono cutters, wire stripper, a well-designed split ring opening function and soft-grip handles.

Grauvell Teknos Pliers closedGrauvell Teknos Pliers full length opened Grauvell Teknos Pliers full length

They make quick work of terminal tackle assembly/disassembly, such as crimping or snipping wire traces, while prising a gap in split rings ranging in size and strength from those on bass plugs, right through to the several hundred pounds of breaking strain un-budging types on Norwegian pirks, presents no problems.

A telltale quick indicator of how good or duff a set of pliers might be is slackening of the jaws after scant use. Thus far, there’s no evidence of slackness in the Teknos jaws after several months of regular use. Life expectancy of these pliers in the harsh saltwater environment is therefore good. Stainless or not, I would recommend regularly oiling the junction of the jaws to keep them in tip-top condition.

Available from Ocean Tackle for £8.34, or through other Grauvell stockists.

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