Weymouth Species Competition 2010

by David Proudfoot

The event was fished over two days in good weather conditions which resulted in excellent catches being recorded including some unusual fish for Weymouth such as coalfish and pipefish. The competition was closely contested and going into the second day any one of ten anglers could have finished in top spot. On literally his last drop on the Sunday Perry Dack reeled in a bull huss to give him a boat win to add to his 100% the previous day. Perry was the only angler to win his boat both days and score a maximum 200%. Well done Perry with a well deserved win against a top field of anglers and an excellent follow up to your success in the Weymouth International Challenge.

1st Perry Dack 200

2nd Colin Searles 199.19

3rd Richard Russell 197.07

4th Dave Mann 195.68

5th Mike Patten 194.51

6th Steve Clements 192.77

7th Ian McClean 190.90

8th Rob Shattock 190.04

9th Rod Adamson 188.73

10th Richard Ferre 187.40

11th Andy Deavin 184.46

12th Ash Currier 178.71

13th Alan Bravery 178.66

14th Andy Selby 171.23

15th Gareth Croft 167.95

16th Paul Milkins 166.39

17th Jim Pressley 163.69

18th George Bell 161.65

19th Martin Bobbett 161.63

20th Jim Whippy 160.20

21st Brian Moss 158.02

22nd Kim Bowden 154.74

23rd Ray Evans 150.94

24th Tom Worthy 147.01

25th Gavin Thompson 146.83

26th Phil Evans 145.99

27th Mitch Johnson 145.57

28th Robin Amor 142.27

29th Kevin Clarke 141.62

30th Malcolm Ruff 140.69

31st Geoff Thorner 139.77

32nd Dave Oliver 139.35

33rd Neil Barnes 121.64

34th Tony Methven 97.52

4 Man Open 1st Jim Whippy, Colin Searles, Mike Patten, Ian McClean

4 Man Drawn 1st Rob Shattock, Tom Worthy, Ash Currier, Richard Russell

2 Man Open 1st Rod Adamson, Colin Searles

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