Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit

by Steve Souter

Steve Souter unwraps the new Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit of trace-making components and concludes that some of the best things do indeed come in small packages.

Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit

Stuffed with no less than 220 high quality British-made trace-building components, the new Rig Bits Box from Gemini is a practical and compact option for both boat and shore anglers who tie their own rigs.

Measuring 7½ inches long by 5½ inches wide and made from shatterproof plastic, the seven-compartment handy box is likewise made in the UK and fits snuggly in the side pocket of the likes of a Mustad or Daiwa rucksack. With a positive snap-latch and strong moulded hinges, the box is unlikely to spill its contents even if rattled around inside a seat box.

Every item contained has a proven track record and an excellent fishing performance reputation. There are 50 x 80lb trace swivels, 50 x 45lb snood swivels, 40 x Genie Link Clips, 40 x Rig Clips, 20 x Snood Clips, 10 x Swivel ‘n’ Link Clips, 5 x Splash Down Solo Bait Clips and 5 x Genie Breakers all for £22.99. The favourable price represents a saving of around £6 if the bundled items were to be purchased separately.

Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit with contents


The Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit is and uncomplicated and practical item that all can make use of. It serves well as rig-maker’s starter kit, or an excellent cost-effective top-up option for more experienced anglers. And, if ordering from the Gemini website you will receive a complimentary pack of 15 Genie Link Clips, a tackle box sticker and product catalogue free with every order.

Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit lid hinge Gemini Rig Bits Box Kit lid catch

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