Fladen Collapsible Bucket and Flexi Rod Wraps

by David Proudfoot

With a base in Weymouth the tackle company Fladen have a long established share of the sea angling market in the UK. They are well known for the unique solid carbon fibre Solid C range of rods and the Maxximus Sensor rod was one of the first, affordable multi-tip rods available. In addition to the rods and reels they have a wide range of tackle accessories and here we look at the Fladen collapsible bucket and their flexi rod wraps.

The bright orange Fladen collapsible bucket certainly stands out on the boat or beach. Manufactured from Ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA plastic it is lightweight and robust with welded seams at the base to provide a watertight seal.

Fladen Collapsible Bucket

The cord handle is secured to welded plastic loops located at the top of the bucket.

Fladen collapsible bucket

With a square cross section I find that, when collapsed it fits better into a tackle box than the round buckets that are available. I use a short bungee cord to help restrain the bucket when it is collapsed in transport.

Unlike a canvas or soft plastic bucket it maintains its shape when extended.

Multiple Uses

The Fladen collapsible bucket measures a compact 18 centimetres square with a height of 20 centimetres. With a capacity of four litres it is ideal for defrosting packs or squid and mackerel at the start of a fishing session.

review product supplied stickerThe supplied clip on cord, just over nine metres long, makes the job of filling with water from the boat, beach or rocks a simple task. The cord is on a plastic frame which assists in keeping it tangle free. The bucket provides a handy facility for hand washing and I have used it for bait collection when digging lugworm and rag.

Fladen collapsible bucket and cord

As long as the Fladen collapsible bucket is not overloaded it can also be used to carry weights and the tough EVA material provides protection from piercing by grip wires.

Male anglers will also find it handy for use as a “pee” bucket when the facilities are not available.


The Fladen collapsible bucket is well priced and is available from just under £8 on the internet. It is an extremely useful accessory which has a regular place in my tackle box.

I would like to see a larger version for keeping fish alive in prior to photographing and return or scoring in a match.

Fladen Flexi Rod Wraps

The Fladen rod wraps are, like most on the market, formed by coating a wired with a foam EVA finish.

Fladen flexi rod wraps

As the name suggests they are very flexible allowing them to wrap easily round rod sections for transport. Measuring 43 centimetres they provide a simple, compact rod restraint for use on the rail of a pier or on the rail of a boat. The wrap ensures that the boat rods don’t slide along the rails when tackling up or resting the rod at anchor.

Fladen flexi rod wraps

The Fladen flexi rod wraps are competitively priced at £2.99 online and from tackle shops stocking Fladen gear.

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