Dvice Clip-on Sinker

by David Proudfoot

Dave Proudfoot runs the rule over the the latest addition to the range of products from the innovative Dvice Company.

The new Dvice clip-on sinker is a simple idea intended to making fishing easier. Well designed and executed, the concept sees a 80gm modified egg sinker fitted with a central wire clip. Attachment/detachment is lightning fast, secure and births a whole world of fishing possibilities to explore. Various applications for sliding rigs from boat and shore, and the option of quick additional weight to a lead or pirk instantly spring to mind. The Clip-on sinker could also be used to add weight above a leadhead and is perfect for the shore angler wishing to deep-spin for pollack from the shore. They come in packs of three sinkers, with all necessary wires and short lengths of silicon tube used to lock wires in place.

Dvice Clip-on Sinker

To assemble the sinker the longer leg of the wire is inserted into the lead via the wider of the two slotted holes. At this point the open end is attached to whatever terminal tackle the angler wishes to use… a lead, pirk or swivel etc. The wire is then firmly pushed home through the sinker and the open, angled tagged end of the wire slipped into the slot.

Dvice Clip-on Sinker with wireDvice Clip-on Sinker swivel added Dvice Clip-on Sinker completed Dvice Clip-on Sinker componetnts



The short length of silicon rubber supplied is then pushed over the longer length of wire and secured tightly against the sinker. A bit of moisture will help the silicon slip on the wire. In typical use the main line is then be attached to the longer leg either directly or by using a clip. Alternative a rig could be attached to the longer side of the wire first and before sinker is snapped into place, securely and slid down the line… a very effective way of applying a slider. The clip-on sinker is an excellent idea well produced and I’d like to see lighter versions produced sooner rather than later. 12 to 25gms would make terrific clip-on sliders the shore angler wishing to fish an additional bait close in when distance casting.

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