Damiltech Tray Toppa Reviewed

by David Proudfoot

Damiltech are a small firm, run by Dave Mills, who produce simple but effective add-ons for the angler’s tackle box. In this review David Proudfoot takes a look at the Damiltech Tray Toppa.

Damiltech Tray and Breakaway tray

The well-established Breakaway lead tray has been around for years now and while it works, leads stored in the round slots have a tendency to rattle and bounce about when the box is being transported or carried. Dave turned his technical thoughts to this problem and produced a solution that is both effective and economical.

Foam Construction

The Tray Toppa is manufactured from dense foam and the dimensions ensure that it fits perfectly into the weight tray. The holes in the foam are cleanly cut and match up perfectly with those in the tray.

the foam Damiltech Tray Toppa Damiltech Tray Toppa on Breakaway tray


The Toppa comes with double sided stick tape to secure it in place although I’ve not found it necessary to use the tape as it fits snuggly into the tray.

While the Breakaway tray is designed to hold weights with a circular cross section the fact that the foam has a certain amount of “give” means that other shapes of lead can be accommodated. However, a square or triangular shaped lead won’t be as secure as the round, tapered shaped weights.

Damiltech Tray Toppa with leads

Going Afloat

Although mainly for the shore angler the Tray Toppa will be appreciated by those who uptide fish from a boat and it will keep pirks, with suitable dimensions, safe and sound. If using for pirks, make sure that you allow for clearance with the lid is shut when location the tray in position.

Damiltech Tray Toppa with pirks

The Tray Toppa is a simple and effective tackle box tray adaption that everyone should be thinking of adding to their tackle box. It is available direct from Damiltech or from various tackle shops for around £3.50. Damiltach have an range of other tackle box storage solutions which are well worth a look.


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