Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener

by David Proudfoot

Small but perfectly formed, that’s the Welsh manufactured Blade-Tech knife sharpener in a nutshell.

A sharp knife is required to ensure that the presentation of fish and shellfish baits are kept neat and tidy. A well-sharpened blade makes the world of difference particularly when working with soft, semi-frozen fish bait. A proper edge on a blade is also essential when removing the fillets from your catch.

The pocket-sized Blade-Tech tool measures 7.6cm by 2.6cm and is a quality piece of engineering which performs its allotted task to perfection. The two sharpening blades are manufactured from tungsten carbide and are securely riveted to the anodised aluminium body.  The actual use of the sharpener is simple; all you need is a stable, flat surface to work on.

Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener

If the blade is particularly dull, or if the blade has been previously sharpened with a different device, position the knife at 45 degrees to the tool and locate between the two honing surfaces. Starting at the handle end, pull the knife in a downward direction while applying moderate pressure. You may actually see small pieces of swarf coming off the blade as you draw it down, depending upon the temper of the steel.

For blades that just require a touch up, position the blade of the knife at 90 degrees perpendicular to the Blade-Tech before starting the sharpening stroke. In either case repeat the sharpening stroke a couple of times, and very carefully test the blade. Take care in both cases not to apply excessive pressure on the knife to maintain the original profile.

Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener in use Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener down stroke

I have used numerous methods and sharpening tools in the past before discovering the Blade-Tech. Safe to say that I will not be looking any further now that this simple but effective tool has found its way into my tackle box and has stood the test of time. The Blade-Tech can also be used on scissors, kitchen knives, gardening tools or any straight edged blade. As with all knife handing, car should be taken when using the sharpener or testing the blade edge.

The Blade-Tech knife sharpener, and included belt-pouch, can be purchased from various sources including Amazon.

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