Bloodworm Squid Teaser

by David Proudfoot

One of the great things about the internet is using the search facilities to roam the virtual sea angling world. There are many tricks, tips and techniques out there which can be applied of adapted for use in home waters.

Despite the current financial climate there is a thriving shore and boat and shore scene in South Africa and much can be learned from the anglers active in African waters.

In the first of a bait preparation series Dean Dickinson explains how he prepares a cocktail of bloodworm, a large species of lugworm, and squid.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser


This is a good option for using those massive bloodworm that are not easily to rig as they are just too big for one bait and you often miss the bite if you try and rig a whole worm on a single hook. For this method of baiting up, I start with a 6/0 Daiichi covered in foam or floatex that is tied on with latex bait elastic.

Blood worm is a fantastic bait for baardman, kob, steenbrass, galjoen, mussel cracker, spotted grunter. I have even hooked smooth hound sharks blue rays, eagle rays, spotted gully sharks and once landed a bronze whaler shark on a bloodworm so it’s safe to say most fish will eat them. This method of rigging the worm will be exceptionally good for kob , steenbrass and baardman.

When using this presentation I was flattened by a good fish at beach view on this very same bait that took me straight into the bricks. It was an adrenalin rush for at least five seconds before I ended up having to break off the sinker and ended up losing the fish giving me total confidence In the bait even though I ended up losing the fish.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser bait float

Start by coating the hook with some pink foam.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

Using a squid hammer smash the squid until it is soft then cut a triangle of squid with two teaser strips to secure to the sides with bait elastic.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser on hook

Whip the squid onto the hook around the foam

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

adding the four teaser strips around the foam to build a baby squid imitation.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser lugworm

Cut the top section of the worm off and using a bait needle thread the worm onto the hook

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

from the top end using the line that has not yet been attached to a swivel.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser threaded

Pull the open end of the worm down over the squid to fit over the bait like a glove

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

then using some bait elastic whip the bait in place to prevent it from sliding back up the line.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

The hook should now be proudly exposed and this will ensure that you don’t miss a bite.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

This will ensure that you don’t miss a bite.This bait will give you fantastic results.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

If using in South Africa just make sure you are in possession of a bait license when using blood worm

Bloodworm Squid Teaser final bait

as the limit is 5 worms per person.

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

Dean is a regular contributor to SA based magazines and is one of the organisers behind the highly rated Rock and Surf Super Pro League.

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He is keen to bring the league format to Europe and if you want to know more check out the RASSPL website or find out more on Facebook.

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