Bait Station Trolley Clamp

by David Proudfoot

An increasing number of anglers are using baiting trays to help them stay organised on the pier and beach, picking up the trend from the Continental anglers. Although there are stands available to support the trays, such as the Stonfo Bait Station, it does mean an additional item to transport.

Instead of lugging another tripod or stand a simple DIY adapter, knocked up in ten minutes, can be used clamped to a tackle trolley.

plumbers clamp and cut down bank stick


To make mine I used a sanitary pipe clamp from Ebay which provides a solid base to fasten to the handle of the trolley. I then took a Dinsmores bank stick and chopped the threaded end off with a junior hacksaw and filled down the sharp edges.

The 12.5mm diameter is a perfect fit for the tubed end of the pipe clamp and the standard 3/8th BSF threaded end of the stick accepts most of the bait stations including the Stonfo and ADC versions.

clamp and tray in place on trolley


Some trolleys are fitted with a plastic of foam grip which may need to be trimmed back from the curved corners to allow the clamp to be secured.


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