My Way Holyhead – April 2016

by David Proudfoot

What a month April has been, weather wise we often refer to April showers, but this last month I think April has been through all the seasons, with a few days consisting of glorious sunshine, together with rain, hail snow and an awful lot of wind.

Storm clouds at sea

This squall positioned itself above our intended fishing ground in the Holyhead Deep. We left calm seas, in bright sunshine and were greeted with a good stiff breeze, that then also through hail, sleet and full on snow mid April. It turned bitterly cold with ice sticking to the deck.

Back inshore that afternoon; the sunshine once again blazed down upon us.

Madara with a spurdogfish

We have managed a good number of trips afloat, were some have tested our patience and kept us inshore, others have seen us venture into Holyhead Deep for successful hours catching big spurdogs and bull huss.

Inshore we found a good mixed bag on every day; dogfish, codling, whiting and huss ranging from a few ounces up to double figures coming to the boat regularly. Plenty of good size huss to put a bend in the rod too.

Phil Crompton with a spur

Local angler Phil Crompton had not fished afloat for a good number of years, concentrating his efforts more on the shore. Wanting to find his way back into boat angling, Phil chose a trip to Holyhead Deep this week to kick start his angling escapades afloat. The rewards came thick and fast with plenty of bits inshore followed by some great spurdog fishing

I had avoided drifting the inshore rock marks for a number of weeks, sadly the pollack were slow to move in and the waters far too cold still for wrasse.  By Mid April, it was time for another try.

Damien Badley & Francis Badley among the pollack

Thankfully the smaller pollack were around together with a few coalfish. Nothing big, but a start for inshore fishing and with fish ranging from 1 to 3lb, a steady flow ensured great fun for an early season session.

With an ever increasing species count, Aprils fishing improved daily with a great variety of fish coming aboard My Way most days.

For trip bookings contact the skipper Gethyn Owen on 07971 924046 or visit his website where a handy calendar displays the boat availability for each month.

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