Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

by Neil Mackellow

Neil Mackellow explains how to tune the Penn 535GS Mag T reel.

Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

In place of centrifugal brakes the Mag T version of the 535 has a different end-plate incorporating a single, large wind in/out rare earth magnet. Wound fully in the magnetic effect against the revolving spool allows practically foolproof casting, while with the mag all the way out there is almost no braking and the spool is pretty much free. Red RF in both bearings works well in conjunction with the magnet. Before you cast move the magnet all the way in then come back out one full turn. If the reel is too slow try another half turn out. Alter the braking half a turn at a time until the spool is running at the right speed for you in the prevailing conditions. During the cast you can back off the magnet once the lead is decelerating but be careful as this reel sports a large spool and the centrifugal forces are high. And finally, don’t forget to reset the magnet before the next cast!

Gear ratio: 6:1

Brakes: Single rare earth magnet with screw adjustment

End tension: Set spool end float so there is just discernable lateral movement

Fishing tune: Red RF in both bearings. Start with the magnet one full turn out

Pro’s: Holds plenty of line and gets it back quickly, mag provides excellent control

Con’s: No vices

Bearing access

The 535 Mag T runs on two bearings similar to the standard 535 with one substantially larger than the other. The difference is the centrifugal blocks are replaced by a magnetic brake.

Click the tutorial pictures below to see step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

To gain access to the spool bearings loosen the four screws and remove the left-hand end-plate

Step 2 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

Remove the spool and you can see the large bearing at the bottom.

Step 3 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

You will find the smaller bearing in the centre of the left end-plate

Step 6 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

And here it has been wound all the way off

Step 5 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

Here the magnet is wound all the way on for maximum braking

Step 4 - Penn 535GS Mag T reel tuning guide

Both large and small bearings removed ready for cleaning/oiling

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