How to Tie a Simple Blood Loop Paternoster

by David Proudfoot

Blood Loop Paternoster

The blood loop paternoster is a close range, multi-purpose rig with minimum components. It is also an effective rig for the boat angler to produce jigging traces.

Blood Loop Paternoster Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Oval Split Ring or swivel

1 x Lead Link

Optional length of silicon or electrical cable shield.

Approx. 1 metre length 60-80lb BS main line


2 x 450mm length 20-30lb BS snood

3 x 1 to 2/0 hook

The Rig Body

  1. Tie on the lead link.
  2. Tie on the oval split ring.
  3. Tie suitably spaced blood loops. Twists can be added to form a stiffer standoff. The length of the finished loop is dependent upon the initial loop size.
  4. Tie the hook to the snood and at the other end form a Perfection Loop.
  5. Join the snood loops to the blood loops by passing the snood through both loops.
  6. To improve the standoff effect of the loops the tubing can be slipped over the loops prior to adding the hooks. A swivel can be added to the end of the loop.
  7. Additional hooks can be added simply by increasing the number of loops.
  8. A single hook version with the loop cut coupled with a Rotten Bottom clip makes and excellent rough ground wrasse rig. The hook can either be tied direct or a snood of lighter line attached with a double Uni knot.

For a minimalist, short range rig loops can be used at the top and bottom of the trace length.

For boat fishing lures such as the Gummi Makk can be attached directly by threading the loop through the swivel and then passing the lure back through.

Effective jigging rigs for cod, pollack and other species can be constructed by cutting the loops and attaching an Eddystone Eel, Redgill or other lure to the free end.

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blood loop paternoster

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