How to Tie a Running Leger

by David Proudfoot

Running Leger Rig

This close range running leger rig allows the trace to flow through the link swivel reducing the resistance to the fish. After the cast the rig should be moved around one metre to ensure that the hooks are away from the lead.

The running leger is particularly effective when twitching the trace across the seabed covering a large area rather than anchoring the baits in place.

Although the link swivel can be threaded onto the main shock leader the rig is more portable if a separate length of leader is used. This should terminate at a swivel where the shock leader can be clipped on prior to casting.

Running Leger Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Link Swivel

1 x Swivel

1 x Bead

1-2 metre length 20-80lb BS leader, this should match the breaking strain of the casting shock leader and terminate in a swivel.


1200 – 1800 mm length 10-20lb BS clear nylon or flourocarbon

2 x beads

2 x crimps

1 x swivel

2 x hooks to suit target species

Beads for attractors if required

The Rig Body

  1. Thread the link swivel onto the leader length after tying a swivel to the top end.
  2. Thread on the stop bead then tie on the swivel.
  3. Tie the snood length to the swivel.
  4. Thread on the dropper components crimp / bead / swivel / bead / crimp and tie on length of snood line.
  5. Tie the hooks to the dropper and the spare end of the snood adding beads or other attractors if required.
  6. An additional trapped swivel dropper can be added to make a three hook rig.

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running leger

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