How to Tie a Long and Low Rig

by David Proudfoot

General Purpose Long Snood Rig

The long and low rig, as its name suggests, presents a long snood close to the seabed. The effective length of the snood is approximately twice the distance between the bottom bait clip and the uppermost clip.

It works best when there is a tide run and can effective for big baits using pulley rigged double hooks.

Adjustable crimps or silicon stops are used at the snood swivel to allow for the adjustment of the snood tension when clipped up. When assembling care should be taken to ensure that the main tension is on the rig body and not the snood line.

Long and Low Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Gemini Genie SRT Pulley Clip kit

2 x 4-5mm Beads

1 x Swivel

2 x Breakaway Adjustable Crimps, alternatives include silicon stops or telephone wire coils

1 x Breakaway Imp, alternatives include the Gemini Splash Down Solo or Breakaway Impact Shield

Approx. 1.5 metre length 60-80lb BS main line


1 x Swivel

1 x 1.5 -2.5m length 20-30lb BS snood

1 x 2 to 4/0 hook or Pennel Rig

The Rig Body

  1. Tie the Breakaway Imp or other clip to the main body trace line.
  2. Thread on one Breakaway Adjustable Crimp then a bead, the swivel and follow with the second bead and adjustable crimp.
  3. Using the Gemini SRT Pulley Clip kit thread on a small crimp, the SRT spring and the bead.
  4. Thread on the SRT clip with the open side down then the second bead and crimp.
  5. Attach swivel to the free end.


  1. Locate the snood swivel approximately 75mm above the Breakaway Imp and secure in place with the adjustable crimps.
  2. Tie one end of the snood length to the snood swivel and attach either pennel rigged hooks or a single hook to the opposite end.
  3. With the hook in the Imp loop the snood into the SRT Clip and slide the Pulley Clip components up the rig body until the snood is under tension against the SRT spring and bottom crimp. The closed loop end of the clip should be pointing downwards.
  4. When the SRT spring is approximately two thirds of its original length secure the bottom crimp in place.
  5. Unhook the snood and compress the SRT pulley clip assembly from the top crimp until the SRT spring is again two thirds of its original length and secure the top crimp in place. The arm of the clip should be perpendicular to the main rig body.

Prior to casting with the long and low rig slot the baited hook into the bait clip and clip the looped snood into the SRT clip.

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long and low rig

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